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Inplant training is really important to gain knowledge of real time technologies and to get job. Kaashiv Infotech Inplant Trainnig focus towards latest job oriented technologies and improve interview related aspects. The breadth of Computer Science and Engineering may be best understood in terms of the general areas of software systems, hardware, theory and applicatios. Now a days it has been significant improvement in the usability and efficiency of computing technology.

Software Related Inplant Training
Day Programme
Day 1 Big Data + Nix Query Practical Demos (Live Implementation/Training)
Day 2 Ethical Hacking + Folder closet training Practical Demos (Live Server Hack/Live Facebook, Gmail Hack / Windows OS Hack / Website Hack)
Day 3 Cloud Computing + Mesh Overhaul Programming Practical Demos (Connect Real Cloud / Design Application / Access Cloud / Live Server Implementation)
Day 4 CCNA + Carbon Odopor Designs Practical Demos (Live Implementation / Training)
Day 5 Microsoft Affix Programming / HTML5/ CSS3/ AJAX Practical Demos (Coding / Implementation / Training)
Electronics Related Inplant Training
Day Programme
Day 1 Satellite GEO Programming + Embedded System Practical Demos (Satellite GEO Programming / Embedded C Program Implementation / Chip Burning / Embedded Circuit Working)
Day 2 Wireless System + Satellite Calibration Practical Demos (Satellite code Calibrations / Wireless System Implementations)
Day 3 CCNA + Carbon Odopor designs Practical Demos (Live Implementation/Training)
Day 4 Robotics + Satellite Azimuth Programs Practical Demos (Robot Design Codings / Satellite Azimuth Calculations
Day 5 MatLab + X-Ray On looker Programs Practical Demos (Geometric Interpretation / Image Processing / Vietas Calculation)

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Mechanical Related Inplant Training
Day Programme
Day 1 Ex-Calend Manufacturing Techniques + Aircraft Designing (Practical Demos)
Day 2 Quantum civil architect + Vehicle Movements in Airports (Practical Demos)
Day 3 3D Packaging & Modelling + Oversee Vehicle Hijacker (Practical Demos)
Day 4 Robotics + Satellite Azimuth Programs Practical Demos (Robot Design Codings / Satellite Azimuth Calculations)
Day 5 Mechanical tear Ducting Design + Product Reliability (Practical Demos)
Inplant Training
Day Programme
Day 1
  • SDLC – Waterfall Vs Agile Model
  • Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, UAT/CAT, Production & Maintena
Day 2
  • Current Industry Trends: Major Tools & Technologies
  • Understanding Cloud Computing & Opportunities in the industry
  • Understanding Bigdata Hadoop & Opportunities in the industry
  • Hadoop Architecture
  • Real-time case studies of Bigdata Hadoop
  • Practical training on BigData Hadoop
Day 3
  • Getting familiar with Eclipse/NetBeans IDE /Dreamviewer
  • Real-time Application Development using Core JAVA / PHP
  • MySQL Database
  • Understanding JDBC
Day 4
  • Web application development using J2EE / PHP
  • What interviewers expect from you
  • How to handle interview with confidence


2ilabs focuses on developing and technical oriented concepts that turn graduates into employable assets. Handled only by professionals from MNC companies, we know how to equip you with strong technologies fundamentals. We assure you to achieve your goals and dreams in your future.